Ravaged Space

Your spaceship was hit by an asteroid while on an exploration mission. It's badly damaged. Life support is failing and most systems are offline. You'll need to have your crew repair and manually operate them until they are working again.

Start by Generating Power. With power online we can start bringing other systems on one by one. Once all the Main Systems are online we should be able to jump to a spaceport to make repairs.

Remember that reactivating systems can increase the System Load. Choose which systems to activate wisely because if we lose a single system we won't be able to make it.

Screen Reader Tips: You can adjust the game speed in the Options. You can find the current status of each System in the corresponding column to the left of each System Action button. Announce the time remaining to the next Load Cycle by pressing L. Pause the game at any time by pressing P.

Made by Steven Lambert. Music by Brandon Morris